Flandria Elite gets a warm look

With autumn on the horizon, Flandria's Elite tomato is being given a facelift. Crate cards, labels and interleaves are being redesigned to look like wood. Starting in 2016, new boxes will also be available.

Fine and tasty cluster tomatoes
The Elite segment is an elegant cluster tomato with a lovely deep red colour. It is perfect for people who enjoy a rather firmer tomato with a delicious flavour. This little treasure has a very attractive cluster shape and the fruits are firmly attached to the stalk.
This tomato is useful for the trade because it keeps for so long.

Natural wood effect
As from September, all Elite packaging is being given a complete make-over. It has been decided to go for a warm presentation in a natural wood effect. The light colours contrast with the typically bright red colour and the dark green crown of this tomato. The restyled label ensures that this handsome product is even more conspicuous on your shelves.

Guaranteed Authentic Taste: an eye-catcher
The new style fits in well with the choice made by the Elite growers for traditional cultivation with an authentic flavour. The new box and crate card make this added value very prominent: the striking branding with the slogan 'Guaranteed authentic taste' is a real eye-catcher! The present boxes are being used up this autumn, and the new ones will be available from 2016.
The other Flandria segments will also be given a fresh new look in 2016.

For further information, please contact the commercial teams at the LAVA auctions.

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