Flandria celery deserves attention in the greengrocery section

As a shopkeeper, why not capitalise on the trend for cooking with particular vegetables? You could suggest Flandria celery as a great way to add flavour to big soups, crunchy stir-fries and salads. The fact that it is presented in a fresh, transparent sleeve is bound to appeal to customers.

Supplies available until the end of December
As well as supplying celeriac, the Flandria label also supplies regular celery (white celery).
This is like green celery with strongly developed stalks which are crunchy and fresh. This vegetable is grown under glass to be available from May onwards, with the outdoor crop coming on stream in the summer and autumn. BelOrta Auction sells this important 'small product' and guarantees continuous supplies until the end of the year (grown under glass).

Flandria: impeccable quality
Its premium quality means that Flandria celery definitely deserves its high profile in the greengrocery section.
• freshly picked
• glossy, yellow-green colour
• very firm, well-shaped stalks
• fresh, yellow-green leaves (trimmed to the length of the crate)
• free of side shoots, sprouting or damage
It is graded on the basis of net unit weight (various categories), as standard 12 heads in EH.

Something to please every customer
White celery is available both with leaves and trimmed in small packs.
BelOrta Auction therefore tailors sales to the wishes of various types of buyers and their clientele.
• For wholesalers: loose with leaves at a daily price on the clock.
• For retail: with trimmed leaves and packed individually in a transparent sleeve, at intermediation prices on a weekly basis.
For the domestic market, it is mainly individually packed celery, with some of the leaves trimmed off, that is sold: EPS-M 12 bags net weight 750 to 1000 g.
Presentation in transparent sleeves makes it more likely that customers will pick up this product.

Cool storage is essential
Flandria celery should be stored in the shop at 2-5 °C and relative humidity of 90 to 95%. Mist regularly with water. Avoid handling the celery more than necessary, so that the stalks do not get damaged. This is the best way to ensure an attractive appearance, which encourages customers to buy the product.
Advise customers to keep this vegetable in the salad drawer in the fridge, or in a cool, dark place.

Add some hearty flavour, whether hot or cold
Celery is a special vegetable which is a real asset in the kitchen. In colder weather, this fine vegetable also tempts customers to ring the changes on the menu. It is an excellent way of adding flavour to broth, hearty soups, sauces and quick stir-fries. As well as being boiled, steamed or stir-fried, raw celery also peps up a salad, perhaps with chicory and lamb's lettuce or as a snack with a dipping sauce. Celery leaves can be used, according to the principle of food pairing, to great effect with fresh oysters, gruyère, cooked cod or chicken, hops, grapefruit, dark chocolate and berries! Do impress on your customers that there are so many ways of preparing this vegetable.

A great ally in eating a healthy diet
What makes celery so healthy is all the vitamins (B and C), making it particularly valuable in building up good immunity in the winter. The vegetable also contains lots of potassium, which offers protection against (excessively) high blood pressure. It also has the effect of lowering cholesterol and is ideal for anyone seeking to lose weight.

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