20 years of Flandria with a new campaign

The autumn will be completely given over to the new campaign to mark 20 years of Flandria. The ingredients are varied: radio spots, advertisements, extra in-store events and a new look and new name for the website. There's also lots more in the pipeline for 2016.

Higher profile on the shop floor
Recent years have seen a strong focus on making Flandria into the consumer's favourite brand, and this has been successfully achieved. Year on year, brand recognition has been increasing. From October, LAVA and VLAM will be trying a different approach. A new campaign will be concentrating on quality, along with improved visibility on the shop floor. Flandria quality is communicated visually with the message that Flandria is fresh, sustainable and tasty.

Radio spot and in-store events
Consumers are of course very much the focus of this campaign. A radio campaign will be running in the autumn, and in addition, there will be posters in supermarket car parks, flyers, POS material and so on, which will further engage consumers' curiosity. In collaboration with the retail side, there are also extra shop-floor events planned. A team of hostesses will be giving out flyers and sharing delicacies (canapés and sophisticated salads) using seasonal products.

New website www.flandria.be
At the end of October, the new website goes live, with a professional area (N/F/D/E) and a consumer area (N/F). “We have opted for a somewhat less cluttered form, and in terms of content there is more information about the Flandria label and the products”, reports Ilse Ceulemans, head of marketing at LAVA. “The URL is now www.flandria.be. In future, consumers will be able to download recipes by clicking on www.lekkervanbijons.be”.

Flandria and retail: a win-win situation
We are using constructive forms of collaboration with retail and distribution partners, making for a win-win situation for all parties. Advertisements with campaign images of Flandria products (lettuce, tomatoes, chicory, cucumber and leeks) appear in October/November in various trade publications. In the longer term, there will also be online videos with a b2b impact intended for websites and social media.
“The shop-floor events will be further expanded next year in collaboration with the retail side. Discussions about this are underway”, confirms the head of marketing at LAVA.

The calendar for 2016 is filling up nicely
There is also a full programme lined up for 2016. “A radio campaign is planned for both spring and autumn. At the Tavola event in Kortrijk in March, we are unveiling a brand-new stand (expanding from 32 m² to 48 m²). This stand also mirrors the look of the new campaign”, explains Ilse Ceulemans. “Obviously all this is tied in with this new promotional campaign in collaboration with VLAM.”

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