Score with festive Flandria range

It's November, and time to think about your festive display! With the holiday season fast upon us, you will be wanting a magnificent selection in your store. The right setting, atmosphere, lighting and exclusive products form the 'trigger'!

Products with class
In the holiday period, the fruit and vegetable department doesn't just need to look fresh and tasty. You can also surprise your customers with an array of exclusive Flandria products with that touch more class. After all, this is the time to 'sparkle'. Try thinking outside the box a bit, and stock some exclusive products.
Present them in a festive display area with some pretty colour combinations, sufficient amounts of produce (although not too much) and a variety of products. Use promotional material to dress the greengrocery department. This will also help focus customers' minds on the superior quality offered by Flandria.

For the holiday season, the LAVA auctions can supply handsome amounts of niche products.

Gastronomic mushrooms: present your gastronomic mushrooms in an attractive tableau of different colours and shapes. Use brown mushrooms, 'champignons de Paris' (chestnut mushrooms), shi-take, beech mushrooms, wood blewit (blue stalk) and Japanese nameko, mini oyster mushrooms, to catch customers' attention. Even this 'minor product' has to meet strict criteria. The top line is supplied in premium-quality packaging to guarantee optimum moisture retention.

Oyster mushrooms: these gastronomic mushrooms give any dish a festive flavour. They are exceptionally good for trendy stir-fries. Flandria quality is guaranteed: fresh produce, a fresh appearance, undamaged and with no brown marks.

Chic 'O Red: a fabulous niche product. The strict Flandria quality criteria guarantee firm, evenly-sized heads with closed tops and a fresh red colour. They are attractively presented in blue chicory paper, which definitely deserves a prominent place. The slightly bitter taste makes for a special sensory experience at the festive table. Suggest to customers that they use red and white chicory together: a feast for the eyes! Or why not try this for a festive tip: stuffed leaves of red chicory for tapas and finger food.

Flandria specialties: with their diverse colours, shapes and packaging options, they lend themselves perfectly to an island display in store. They are ideal for healthy canapés and as finger food.

Trendy potatoes: an essential part of the festive display in any specialist store. The violet colour of both the skin and the flesh of Vitelotte makes a real statement on the festive plate. Ratte, with its yellow skin and yellow flesh, cooked with the skin on, is a very attractive little potato. A challenge to the creative cook!

Fresh garnishes: lamb's lettuce is perfect for any festive dish. Its fresh appearance makes it the perfect match for winter leaf vegetables and firm 'rosettes' between red and yellow cocktail and snack tomatoes give your display a festive air. Flandria lamb's lettuce comes in two types: one with long, pale green leaves (long-leaved) and one with short, round, dark green leaves (rosettes). With the festive season on the horizon, the trade can rely on greater quantities, with the standard arrangement being loose, although small packs are also available.

Culinary highlights: do you have customers who want to serve up something special over the festive season? Tap into the culinary hype and lay out stocks of turnips, salsify, Jerusalem artichokes, parsnips, parsley root and so on. These winter vegetables really are full of flavour, whether mashed or perhaps creamed. Foodies are becoming ever more excited about a delicacy such as hop shoots: 'Poperingse hoppescheuten' are a unique product sold by REO Auction with a BGA label.

Strawberries: Hoogstraten Auction still has Belgian strawberries available for Christmas, grown under lamps. This handsome product represents a winter alternative to product from the South, and offers a guarantee in terms of quality and availability. In response to demand from the trade, Hoogstraten offers strawberries in small, open packs (250 g). They can be flow packed or lidded to order.

Flandria niche products will definitely boost your sales over the festive period! Provide your customers with some recipes and offer them some inspiring tips for festive dishes. You can request promotional material via or email And don't forget to take a peek at the new Flandria website.

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