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New website and Facebook page online
The brand-new website goes online this month, with heaps of information about what Flandria is and what the label stands for. Videos show the growers themselves explaining why quality and sustainability are important to them. Visitors can get to know a wide range of vegetables, fruits and herbs under the Flandria banner. People looking for recipe ideas can click through to 'Lekker van bij Ons'. Flandria's Facebook page is also active again.

'Taste of Europe - premium quality, perfect taste' at Fresh Summit Expo
The most recent PMA Fresh Summit Convention was held this year from 23 to 25 October at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta (US). This trade event for potatoes, fruit and vegetables assembled as many as 1,000 exhibitors from almost 30 countries, presenting their products to the North American market. Many potato, fruit and vegetable farmers use the PMA Fresh Summit Show to launch their products. The show attracted almost 20,000 participants from 63 countries.
In keeping with tradition, Belgium was in attendance with a joint stand by VLAM with export businesses seeking opportunities on the American market. The stand was once again decked out in the familiar livery, under the slogan 'Taste of Europe - premium quality, perfect taste': visuals showing waiters carefully presenting premium Belgian products and a colourful collage of fruit and vegetables. The product presentations attracted a lot of attention. Exports to North America are again performing well, in particular in the case of greenhouse vegetables and chicory. The atmosphere at the fair was described by the Belgian delegation as very enjoyable.

The Fresh Family at Fruit Attraction
The first day of Fruit Attraction usually tends to be a little quieter, but on Wednesday 28 October there were already lots of potato, fruit and vegetable growers turning up to take a look. This international potato, fruit and vegetable show, which ran this year from 28 to 30 October in Madrid, had 1,000 exhibitors from 25 countries signing up, an increase of 20% over last year. As many as 17 Belgian stand-holders, on a VLAM group stand, were in search of new opportunities for Belgian potatoes, fruit and vegetables. The Belgian exporters were very positive about the visitors and the potential of the Spanish market. International interest is increasing sharply, with more than 40,000 professionals from 88 countries taking part in the event (+16%), and a 16% rise in the number of foreign visitors. The Belgian group stand was adorned with images of The Fresh Family and presentations of our Belgian products: strawberries, apples, pears, leeks, peppers, chicory, tomatoes, snack tomatoes, aubergines, courgettes, lettuce and so on. Flandria and Flandria Specialty Street really were nicely in the spotlight. “We are convinced that there is scope to bolster the ties between supply and demand in the fresh sector”, states VLAM.

Opportunities for sales to Canada are on the up and up
Thanks to a strong quality image, Belgian food has been faring better and better on distant markets such as Canada over recent years. The Belgian agro-food sector is being promoted under the slogan ' - Small country. Great Food'. In the wake of the Russian import ban, the Canadian market is once again offering potential for growth for Belgian food products. An agreement has been reached with the Canadian government. Fruit and vegetables serve as an example here, because at the moment, large quantities of chicory, peppers and leeks are being exported to Canada, and since last year, Belgian pears have also been admitted to the Canadian market. The free trade agreement is designed to ensure that ultimately, even more types of Belgian fruit and vegetables can be exported to Canada. The sector itself is conducting a lot of promotional work, with Flemish support, carried out by VLAM. (Source: VILT)


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