Flandria leeks take on a starring role among winter vegetables

Help give leeks the image of a top vegetable, even in milder temperatures. Choose Flandria, a guarantee of superb quality, and give this 'home-grown' product pride of place in the greengrocery section. Ample supplies and the packaging of your choice guaranteed.

Spotlight on leeks
Do away with the (undeserved) image of leeks as a classic soup vegetable. Make Flandria leeks into a success in your store, even if winter is biding its time. An attractively presented display will do wonders for your sales figures:
• Create an eye-catching array of colours on oblique levels centred around the long, perfect white sheaths with their fresh green foliage teamed with green celery and red carrots.
• Fan out bunches of leeks in an attractive pattern.
• Use a limited number of bunches of leeks to give them pride of place in your display.
• Create a winter corner with ingredients for soups, stews, casseroles, stir-fries and more.
• The best way to store Flandria leeks is between 2-3°C and R.H. of 90-95%.

If your customers ask whether this is a Belgian product, tell them about the Flandria quality label and 'Responsibly Fresh', the guarantee of sustainable cultivation and an attractive, healthy end product. Concentrate on the regional origins with some fun little icons and the 'home-grown' label. Consumers get a good feeling if they are buying sustainable products with a low environmental footprint and all at customer-friendly prices.

Peak production in the weeks ahead
Flandria leeks are harvested fresh virtually all winter long. The weather conditions at the moment are ensuring a top-quality product. The mild temperatures in November mean that the quality of the leeks being harvested by the growers is second to none. The amounts available will increase in the weeks ahead: in weeks 49-52 the LAVA auctions are expecting 1.6 to 1.8 million units.

So much more than just a 'soup vegetable'
Flandria winter leeks are so much more than just the classic soup vegetable. Provide some recipes and get your customers excited about this surprisingly versatile vegetable that can be prepared in a wide variety of ways: boiled, steamed, gratin, or whipped up in a quick stir-fry. Leeks also go brilliantly with pasta.

Flexibility in packaging
The supply of standard packs at the REO Auction, the auction with the highest leek production, remains unique in Europe. At both REO Auction and BelOrta, there are ample supplies of quality leeks available in various types of packs, and the packaging can be adapted to clients' wishes.
This great flexibility means that buyers' specific needs can be met. In the case of seasonal and annual contracts, moreover, there is sufficient lead time to be able to accommodate special wishes. Packing on the farm saves time, and efficient logistics ensure that the product is on the shop shelves the next day, offering premium quality and good storage properties.

Packaging for every target group
Producers and commercial departments at the LAVA auctions face the challenge of responding in the most ideal way to every demand from the market.
Are clients more interested in convenience? The LAVA auctions also offer leeks with trimmed stalks: just the white or white and green parts, with the 'brush' (5 cm of roots), or without roots, etc. The buyer selects the weight and the packaging: trays, flowpack, shrink-wrap, etc.
The packaging can satisfy the demands of every target group. Which packaging choice is best for your business? Let your clients' preferences be your guide.

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