Canada looks promising for Belgian exports
Together with a fruit and vegetable exporter and BelOrta representative, VLAM attended the Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) from 13 to 14 April, the professional fruit and vegetable show in Calgary, on the west coast. The focus was on Belgian products, and the mission had its own 27 m² stand, featuring big, attractive photographs of chicory, peppers, leeks and Conference pears. The product presentation was also striking, and visitors were surprised by the array of Belgian fruit and vegetables on display: peppers, chicory, various varieties of tomatoes, leeks, celeriac and Conference pears. Samples using Belgian produce were cooked up by a chef.
Belgian exports of fruit and vegetables to Canada have for several years been fluctuating around 120 to 150 tons of fresh fruit and 1,000 tons of fresh vegetables, mainly leeks (224 tons) and chicory. Belgium is the top supplier of chicory to Canada. Canada also represents a new market for Belgian pears.

Flemish apples capture the Indian market
At the end of April, Flemish Minister President Geert Bourgeois headed up a Flemish economic delegation to India. Flanders Investment & Trade organised the mission. It was the biggest ever: as many as 84 participants went along in search of commercial opportunities, including 55 Flemish businesses and sectoral federations. India is Flanders' 7th largest trading partner. After the US, India is the second most important non-European customer and the most important market in Asia (ahead of China). Within the EU, Belgium is India's third most important trading partner. More and more Flemish fruit is finding its way to India (apple exports were up by 330% in 2015).

Source: Flanders Investment and Trade

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