Cauliflower season is really getting underway

Flandria outdoor summer cauliflower is starting later, but from week 21 onwards, production will become adequate and a peak in June will quickly follow. Fresh supplies every day guarantee superior quality. In short, this is a delicate early vegetable. Be sure to tell your customers about this exclusive taste sensation.

Production from week 21 onwards
This year's extremely cold weather has caused a delay to production. The LAVA auctions are anticipating that the outdoor season for summer cauliflower will get underway by week 21. Production traditionally peaks very quickly after that. By mid- to late June, the supply will reach its maximum, with between 350,000 and 500,000 heads in weeks 23-26. Depending on the weather, large supplies are expected until early July. The trade can rely on fresh daily supplies until mid-November.

Belgian premium quality
This is a quite labour-intensive, energy-hungry crop, produced on specialist smaller family farms. The retail side can count on Belgian premium quality. The features that make Flandria cauliflower stand out sharply from imported product are:
• uniform white colour
• firm heads with a robust curd structure
• even shape
• more delicate flavour
• fresh supplies daily
• traceability

Uniform grading
Cauliflower is graded by reference to the size of the head and the quality. The standard way of selling cauliflower is in blue EPS crates with 6 or 8 heads in EPS-T, depending on the size. Other types of packs can be supplied if the trade requests.
The Flandria auctions sell outdoor cauliflower in three sizes:
• +27 cm - main grade
• +24 cm - 6 heads in lettuce crate
• Somewhat smaller size: 8 heads in EPS-M.

A kitchen superstar
It is definitely worth giving the very first outdoor cauliflower of the year the same special treatment on the shop floor as other early vegetables such as asparagus. Give them and their delicate, sweet structure star billing. Cauliflower is very quick to prepare: just steam it until it is ready to serve up as a delicious addition to a meal. As well as tasting like nothing else, outdoor cauliflower is low in calories and very rich in vitamin C, minerals and fibre

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