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Canada, a new market for Belgian pears
The 'travelling' CPMA fair was held this year on 16 and 17 April in Montreal, on Canada's east coast. Alongside its 90th anniversary, the event also had an attendance record to celebrate: 3,500 representatives from 19 countries were there. The exhibition hall attracted 290 stallholders from all segments in the fruit, vegetable and potato chain, the vast majority of them from Canada and the United States. Europe was represented by France, Spain and Belgium. VLAM's Belgian pavilion provided space for five export companies. In addition, there were also representatives from REO Auction, BelOrta Auction and the VBT. Under the slogan 'Premium quality, perfect taste', and with a product presentation full of Belgian delicacies, the VLAM stand emphasised the premium quality of our Belgian fruit and vegetables. A chef treated visitors to leek soup and chicory canapés. Given that the Canadian borders have just opened to Belgian pears, Conference was the focus of attention on the VLAM stand. Visitors simply could not ignore a roving Conference pear, pear pralines, pear gadgets and of course unlimited tasty pear-based snacks!

Canada opens up a new market for Belgian pears which may ultimately go some way towards making up for the serious loss of the Russian market. Leeks (284 tonnes) and chicory (270 tonnes) are the main products making their way to Canada. Belgium is also the top supplier of chicory to Canada. The top 5 western European products imported into Canada are apples (222,000 tonnes), lettuce (285,000 tonnes), tomatoes (203,000 tonnes), cabbages (258,000 tonnes) and peppers (123,000 tonnes).


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