A colourful spring display of alternative lettuces

A colourful display in the greengrocery section, wider choice for the consumer, good keeping properties and great convenience value: alternative lettuces have a lot of good selling points.

Flandria quality
Alternative lettuces meet the same quality standards as Flandria cabbage lettuce.
• Attractive, fresh leaves
• No dried-out edges or damage
• Active roots in a special root bag
• Fresh packaging
• Exceptional keeping properties

Alternative packaging
Grading in three categories: heavy, medium and light. In the case of multicolor, the weight of the total combination (Rossa, Bionda and red oak leaf) is the same as a single rooted lettuce.
Lettuce and alternative lettuces with their roots are usually supplied in EPS-H at 8 heads per crate. They are always supplied packed in a bag, with each type of lettuce nicely marked with its own barcode. Alternative types of packaging are available to order, such as collapsible crates, IFCO and boxes, with the number of units also open to change (e.g. 9 heads).
On request, a mixed pack of various types of lettuce can also be supplied. The customer himself decides which types of lettuce go into such packs. The grower can also decide the size of the head depending on what the buyer wants. After all, a smaller cabbage lettuce is a better solution for a small household or single person.

Supplies in April
In weeks 14 to 17, the trade can count on adequate supplies.
• Lollo Bionda 250,000 units
• Lollo Rossa 150,000 units
• Red oak leaf 120,000 units
• Green oak leaf 100,000 units
• Multicolor 300,000 units
Lollo Bionda, Lollo Rossa, red and green oak leaf, multicolor (Bionda, Rossa and red oak leaf) are handsome products in the greengrocery section and can be quickly whipped up into a fresh, healthy spring salad.

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