Flandria cabbage lettuce, a spring classic

Easter and the weeks after will enjoy plentiful supplies of Flandria cabbage lettuce. This classic leafy vegetable offers the shopkeeper lots of benefits. Spring is the ideal time for some promotional deals. Tempt your customers with a nice fresh spring salad.

Ample supplies for Easter and into April
Supplies of cabbage lettuce are on the up and up in the spring. The LAVA auctions guarantee peak deliveries around Easter, with 3 million heads/week. Consistent production of 2.5 million heads per week is expected in weeks 13 to 17.

Growing for Flandria means striving for perfection
Flandria lettuce producers use protected cultivation methods and adhere to strict production criteria in the Flandria specifications. An external control body (CKCert) ensures that the cultivation method and the inspections at the LAVA auctions meet the same standards. Flandria leafy vegetables are subject to strict pre-harvest controls to identify the presence of residues. The farmers are not allowed to harvest unless everything is within the norms.

Fresh, tasty and crisp
Greenhouse lettuce is pretty much the standard lettuce, with a delicate flavour and large, pale green leaves. Belgian greenhouse lettuce is known for its thick, succulent heads.
Flandria cabbage lettuce is a guarantee of top quality.
• Young and fresh
• Well developed, firm heads
• Closed leaves under the head
• Free of damage
• Good keeping properties
Flandria is also a guarantee of a homogenous product in the crate, which guarantees a neat appearance on the shelf.

The refrigeration chain is essential
After harvesting, during transport and at the auction, the product is kept cooled to the optimum temperature. To make sure that Flandria cabbage lettuce is at its peak by the time it comes to be sold, every intermediate link in the refrigeration chain is respected. This benefits the quality and the keeping properties.

Great flexibility in packaging
There are all sorts of different packaging options available: collapsible crates, Flandria boxes, (wooden) crates, buyer's own packaging and so on.
Flandria cabbage lettuce is usually sold before the clock, but the LAVA auctions can also respond flexibly to demand by offering the options of pre-sale, intermediation, and seasonal/annual contracts. This enables buyers to place an order one day ahead of the delivery for the packaging required and the number of units per pack on the clock. Outer packaging can also be added, such as open bags, flowpack, etc.

Benefits for the fourth range
Pre-packed salads are a growth segment on the market. The Flandria growers offer additional benefits to meet the specific demands from the processing plants:
• The most suitable varieties
• Appropriate growing regimes
• Great flexibility

Opt for flavour, opt for lettuce
Suggest to your customers that they get some lettuce back on the menu.
• A single product offers lots of variety
• Ready to use
• Guaranteed to stay fresh for a long time
• Super-healthy: low in calories, high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre

Tempt your customers with some fresh leaves, and advise them to opt for the tasty cabbage lettuce. Cabbage lettuce is also the classic basis for raw salads, as well as being a delicacy in soups and sauces. The greener the leaf, the more nutritious it is. Steamed cabbage lettuce with a creamy sauce is another tasty suggestion. Easter and the holiday period in May are ideal for shop-floor deals. Promote Flandria cabbage lettuce as an honest-to-goodness home-grown product.

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