Top weeks for Flandria cabbage lettuce

Cabbage lettuce and alternative lettuces are a handsome spring product. Why not promote these fresh spring vegetables as an honest-to-goodness home-grown product that is perfect for healthy salads. REO Auction and BelOrta are providing a top early vegetable: frisée, a festive product for the Easter table.

Readily available for Easter
In week 14 (Easter), the LAVA auctions are expecting 3.5 million heads of cabbage lettuce and in the subsequent weeks, too, ample supplies are guaranteed. There are also plentiful weekly supplies of alternative lettuces: Lollo Bionda and Rossa, red and green oak-leaf and multicolor, etc. Small heads are equally available. You can also offer this product as a way of responding to the requirements of small families and single-person households.

Fresh, tasty and crisp
The cabbage lettuce approved for the LAVA auctions is guaranteed to be of premium quality:
• Freshly picked with a smooth cut surface
• Well-developed, firm heads
• Closed leaves underneath the head
• Free of damage
• Carefully presented
Flandria also enjoys a strong reputation in terms of the uniformity within each pack, so a carefully-prepared spectacle on the greengrocery shelves is guaranteed!

Pre-harvest inspections
Flandria leaf vegetables are subject to strict pre-harvest inspections. Just before harvest, a number of samples are analysed for the presence of residues, and the auction checks the crop protection registration. Only if everything is within the normal values is the grower allowed to go ahead with harvesting. This method also guarantees complete traceability.

Great flexibility in the packaging
The standard way of selling cabbage lettuce is in EPS-H, on the clock, but pre-sale, intermediation and seasonal or annual contracts can also be accommodated by the LAVA auctions as they meet buyers' desires for alternative packaging. The possibilities are extensive: EPS, Flandria boxes, crates, IFCO crates, etc. Outer packaging in open bags or flowpack, mixed packaging, in fact all manner of options are available on request. The buyer can buy the day before delivery in the required packaging on the clock.

Frisée is a top product
In March, REO Auction and BelOrta are unveiling a top product: Belgian frisée of impeccable Flandria quality in six grades (by weight). Frisée is a coveted vegetable in the catering industry because it looks good, is firm and keeps for a long time. The main season runs from April to October.

Continuous cool chain delivers optimum freshness
To make sure the products reach the shops in tip-top condition, they are chilled to an ideal temperature after harvest, which is important for quality and shelf life. If handled correctly on the shop floor, products will stay fresh for days.
• Display in the original packaging.
• Keep as cool as possible: the ideal is around 1 °C.
• Keep covered in the chiller to prevent drying out.
• Mist occasionally.
• Do not display in the sun.
• Trim off any brown cut surface gently with a sharp knife.
• Remove the outermost leaves if necessary.

Taste the spring
Cabbage lettuce, alternative lettuces and frisée offer endless variety, convenience and a long shelf life. They are also extremely healthy vegetables: low in calories, but rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre. With the warmer spring temperatures, why not suggest to shoppers that they get some good spring salads back on the table? You can back this up with some attractive deals in store.

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