Peppers available for sampling at French early markets

Our French neighbours seem to be increasingly fond of Flandria peppers, according to the export figures. Summer events at the early markets in Marseille, Lyon and Rungis are designed to encourage shoppers to choose the premium quality and attractive range offered by Flandria.

Export figures rising
There is clear growth to be seen in exports of Flandria peppers to France: the volume rose from 7,000 tons in 2014 to 9,000 tons in 2015, a 30% increase. “We are neighbours, so the short distances involved mean that produce can quickly get where it needs to be, so it stays lovely and fresh”, explains Vanessa Ringler, business development manager for the French market at the Flemish Agricultural and Fisheries Marketing Board (VLAM).

Events at early markets
Shoppers at early markets this month can get to know the extensive range of Flandria peppers in various towns (Rungis, Marseille, Lyon). They can find out about the quality label and the wide range of products offered by Flandria. The intention is to enable them to learn about not just the traditional peppers, but also the Flandria pepper in all its many guises and sizes.
“We serve up three canapes with peppers, sweet pointed peppers and mini-peppers. We also demonstrate how peppers can be cooked on the barbecue. In Marseille and Lyon we work with a fixed base, a Flandria food truck where three canapes are dished up with peppers, sweet pointed peppers and mini-peppers. In Rungis, we have opted for distributing our canapes from a sort of delivery tricycle ('triporteur') which circulates round the four halls where we have wholesalers and we announce our presence in all the (ten) halls with personalised Segways.”

A finger on the pulse of the market
The VLAM team for the French market and commercial representatives from the Flandria auctions Coöperatie Hoogstraten and BelOrta are lending their support to these events.
“Our main aim via these B2B actions is to talk to buyers. We are creating a unique opportunity to get to know our wholesalers personally. This offers the chance to gain more insight into what's going on in the market, and react more accurately to it. We hope to provide our Belgian exporters and their French wholesalers with the necessary commercial support”, is how Vanessa Ringler explains it.

Actions up until early July
There are taster sessions planned at the following three early markets:
• Marseille : 22 June
• Lyon : 23 June
• Rungis : 6 July

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