VLAM campaign: 'Berries full of pleasure'
No other fruit is as snackable as soft fruit. What all these types of fruit have in common is that they are delicious, colourful, small and healthy, seductive and attractive. To put it another way: soft fruit is the quickest way to enjoy a little moment of pleasure, to spoil yourself. That is what VLAM, the Flemish Agricultural and Fisheries Marketing Board, is seeking to prove with its brand-new online campaign focusing on the most tasty home-grown summer fruit. The slogan runs: 'Bessen, bezen en frezen. Mondvol plezier. Van voorjaar tot najaar, zoet of zuur, helemaal natuur'. Videos show children trying the delicious sweet taste for the first time.
There is also a series of 13 fruit hacks with summer fruit in store. They are short videos with tips and tricks to help you to enjoy berries and other soft fruit, such as: what's the best way to hull a strawberry? How do you pit a cherry? You can also learn how to make yoghurt snacks with blueberries and fruit water. The videos can be viewed on Facebook/Instagram and YouTube. And because the harvest is guaranteed to run through until October, the campaign will run into the autumn.

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