Score a hit with Flandria summer stars

Summertime is barbecue time! Make your BBQ vegetable section look irresistible with top-quality Flandria products, and tempt customers with an array of southern flavours and colours! These products are such good value that your sales can't help but benefit.

Top months for southern flavours
Southern fruiting vegetables are becoming ever more popular on the barbecue. As a shopkeeper, you can share in this new trend! Give your greengrocery section some southern allure with aubergines, courgettes, peppers and tomatoes. You can set up a tempting display with an appealing range of colours, to make your customers want to buy 'home-grown' southern vegetables. The Flandria auctions guarantee large quantities fresh every day, with supplies peaking in July, August and September. These products are such good value at the moment that your sales can't help but benefit.

Quality is the answer
What's the correct answer to the challenges posed by the market today? Quality! The Flandria label offers the trade all sorts of advantages: home-grown products, consistently high quality and months of supplies. The Flandria producers still face the challenge of how to make sure they stand out from the crowd, thanks to sustainability, inspection and the guarantee of an uninterrupted refrigeration chain. Be sure to tell your customers just how special these products are, and make sure they know about sustainable cultivation (Responsibly Fresh), which is a valuable selling point!

The secret of success
Flandria fruiting vegetables meet high quality standards:
• Firm flesh
• Uniform size
• A fresh, glossy appearance
• Evenly shaped
• Uniform skin colour
• Fresh stalk
• No damage
• Homogeneous quality in each pack
• Attractive presentation
• Long storage life

Be on trend with veggies on the barbecue
Your customers will love some recipes and tips for a veggie buffet! Courgettes, tomatoes, peppers and aubergines are packed with antioxidants, light and low in calories, making them a healthy addition to meat dishes. Grilled vegetable skewers with aubergine, pepper and courgette look really trendy. They also taste great if you marinate them before you put them on the barbecue. These 'home-grown exotics' give your dishes a colourful crunch. Their mild, fresh flavour coupled with their decorative colour make peppers an ideal ingredient in a meat kebab. Green peppers have a distinctively tangy, herby taste, while orange peppers are delicious for canapés.

A fresh vegetable buffet
Fresh salads are essential for a fresh vegetable buffet. Why not suggest that your customers try an original garnish? The extensive Flandria range gives you plenty to work with as a shopkeeper: green/red curly lettuce, lamb's lettuce, oak leaf lettuce, radicchio rosso, batavia, cabbage lettuce, red lettuce, rocket and more besides. No barbecue vegetable display would be complete without some tomatoes. Alongside the juicy Baron and cluster tomatoes for fillings, Flandria Specialty Street boasts a range of tasty 'snacks'. Make sure that your greengrocery display features not just regular crunchy green cucumbers but also cocktail and mini cucumbers as suggestions for a refreshing little snack.

How to store summer vegetables
Obviously you as a shopkeeper will want to be sure you store your southern vegetables properly so that they continue to look as attractive as possible.

Follow these rules:
• Store courgettes, aubergines and peppers at 12-13°C and above, otherwise they will go limp or the stalk will wither.
• The ideal relative humidity is 90 to 95%.
• Keep them covered to stop them drying out.
• Always present them in their original packaging to prevent damage.
• Avoid big temperature variations.
• Vegetables that are sensitive to ethylene (aubergines, courgettes, etc.) should never be placed next to tomatoes, which give off ethylene.
• Never display in the sun.
• Replenish the shelves from the chiller.

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