News Roundup

New Flandria campaign in the autumn
Over recent years, all the stops have been pulled out in order to make Flandria into consumers' favourite brand. This media campaign has been highly successful, because brand recognition has been improving year on year. Visibility at the point of sale, however, has declined. From autumn 2015, LAVA and VLAM are planning to take a different tack with a new campaign. Name recognition remains important, but the focus will be placed on quality and relations with the retail and distribution sectors will also become more important. The new campaign is being rolled out this autumn. In the meantime, Flandria is continuing its commitment to communication. Flandria is also present in the autumn with the shop-floor stir-fry campaigns, and the label is also attending shows and demonstrations. In addition, Flandria keeps in contact every month with its database of consumers and professionals via its newsletter.


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