Flandria leeks with a high 'convenience content'

Consumers' interest in convenience is growing steadily. The LAVA auctions BelOrta and REO are tapping into this with a handsome product: trimmed Flandria-quality winter leeks.

Trimmed leeks
Alongside the traditional ways of selling leeks (in bulk per kg and leeks in bunches), BelOrta and REO auctions also offer trimmed, packed leek stems, a handsome, ready-to-use product. The leaves and roots are removed from the stems. The buyer chooses the weight and packaging and the product is supplied in EPS-M.

• White, straight stalks with no leaves, and 5 cm of bare green
• All roots removed, but root plate retained
• Packaging: shrink-wrap, flowpack, or in the buyer's choice of packaging
• Supply to order subject to a price supplement

This attractive product is ready-to-use and offers an interesting additional selling point at times of 'fun cooking' and consumers' need for dishes that are quick to prepare.

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