'Home-grown' is the guiding theme in domestic campaigns

The Flemish Agricultural and Fisheries Marketing Board (VLAM) is planning some high-profile campaigns in 2015 to promote home-grown products. The local aspect - identifiable by the 'home-grown' signature ('van bij ons') - remains the guiding theme in domestic campaigns.

Flandria now more visible on the shop floor
Two new promotional campaigns are being started in 2015, for the Flandria label and for Belgian apples.
In 2015, Flandria is going to be promoted in a different way. In the past, every effort was made to increase the profile of Flandria as THE quality label for fruit and vegetables, with the objective being to make Flandria into consumers' label of choice. The results of this media campaign are already clear to see, because brand recognition has been climbing year on year. This year, Flandria is going to be further promoted as a quality label, and efforts will be made to increase its presence on the shop floor.

Chicory promotion
In the autumn of 2014,a chicory promotion campaign was launched, targeting families with children. The focus was on how versatile chicory is, and the tools were original, fresh and accessible recipes. January 2015 will see a follow-up campaign swinging into action on the shop floor: 'Popeye in the land of chicory'.

Conference promotion
In mid-2012, 'Conference. Always a good idea' was launched, as a collaboration between VLAM and GroentenFruit Bureau, with European cofinancing. This three-year campaign, running from mid-2012 to mid-2015, seeks to increase consumption of Conference pears in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium among families with children. The Belgian element, due to finish in mid-September 2015, includes consumer-focused drives such as an online campaign, in-store deals and a radio commercial.
Strawberry promotion is still a regular feature and VLAM is once again set to make its contribution towards the European school fruit campaign, whereby every Flemish primary school gets the possibility of handing out fruit and vegetables at a knock-down price every week.

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