Flandria cucumbers give you a taste of spring!

Traditionally, the sale of Belgian early cucumbers sounds the starting pistol for the new season. The increased production makes this fruiting vegetable ideal for promotional deals in the run-up to Easter. BelOrta and REO auctions are selling this product jointly on the clock.

Second place in the Top Ten
This year again, Flandria cucumbers are getting the new season underway. REO and BelOrta auctions have seen this product making huge strides in recent years. Cucumbers now stand in second place in Flandria's vegetable Top Ten, behind tomatoes. In 2015, the growers increased production by almost 30% over 2014, making for a spectacular rise of almost 84% in turnover. LAVA has recorded a slight increase of 6% in the area under cucumbers this season.

Strong supplies
After March, production increases, and in the weeks before Easter, the trade can rely on large quantities. LAVA is expecting 1.5 million units in week 9 and 3 million in week 11. In week 13, the producers will be supplying 4 million units. This festive period is therefore perfectly suited for promotional deals with home-grown products.

Flandria: an established presence on the greengrocery shelf
Only recognised strains which have proved in practice and/or through research that they guarantee a quality product are authorised by LAVA for Flandria; a well-considered choice for quality.
Flandria cucumbers guarantee a handsome presentation in the greengrocery section:
• Firm, fresh and undamaged
• Regular, straight shape
• Shiny green colour
• Not pointed
• Clean cut with a short stalk
Flandria also scores highly in terms of taste and keeping properties.

Responsibly Fresh
As well as being attentive to quality, the growers also place great importance on sustainability. CHP (combined heat and power) and residual heat result in lower energy costs and an optimum growing climate. This benefits the flavour and the Flandria quality of the cucumbers, as well as helping the environment. Thanks to their focus on quality and sustainability, the LAVA auctions and their producers are successfully making their products stand out from the crowd with these 'home-grown fruiting vegetables'. The main production peaks occur between May and September inclusive.

Flexible sales system
The volumes of Flandria cucumbers from BelOrta and REO Auction are offered for sale on one clock at the same time. This makes it very clear for the buyers. In addition, there are also short-term and long-term presale options. Deliveries are made in accordance with the buyer's wishes. This means that the supply can be optimally matched to the demand from the market, which also ensures balanced pricing.

Uniform grading is a plus point
It is interesting for the trade that grading is uniform, on the basis of weight and fruit length. Cucumbers can be supplied which are 'made-to-measure' for clients, thanks to the broad grade 250 to > 750 g.
500 g cucumbers are getting a new pack as from this year (April). The standard arrangement from then onwards will be for Flandria cucumbers to be supplied in:
- EPSL instead of the present EPSM
14 units with Flandria cover sheet
- Open 60 x 40 box instead of the present closed base-and-lid box.
16 units with a cover sheet on the top. The layers underneath will be waxed paper (compared to the present system with open 350 g and 400 g boxes).
Other types of packaging can be supplied at the trade's request.

Long keeping period
The LAVA auctions apply extremely strict criteria for a handsome product in the greengrocery section. The shopkeeper can rely on a fresh spring product which will keep for a long time. Careful presentation is essential. Cucumbers are sensitive to low storage temperatures. 15 °C and relative humidity of 90 to 95% are ideal on the shop floor. Never display cucumbers alongside fruits which produce ethylene (tomatoes, apples, citrus fruits, etc.). Avoid displaying in the sun, and keep covered to prevent them drying out.

Light and refreshing
Cucumbers have just 8 kcal per 100 g. Because they also contain a lot of water, they are an excellent choice for anyone seeking to stay slim. Cucumbers also contain a lot of phosphorus (24 mg) and vitamin C (10 mg). They are perfect for helping to shift those extra winter kilos because they are ideal in a light meal or as a healthy snack. Cucumber is also a healthy thirst-quencher in a smoothie. Fresh cucumber spread is delicious on bread at lunchtime, in a salad or as a snack. Why not suggest that your customers rustle up a tasty soup made from cucumber, and give them some tips for warm cucumber canapés for their festive meals.

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