News Roundup

Potential sales markets within Europe
In addition to consolidating and expanding its position on the core markets of Germany and France, the Flemish Agricultural and Fisheries Marketing Board (VLAM) is looking this year for new sales markets within Europe. As well as Fruit Logistica Berlin, investments are being made in contact days in northern Italy and Serbia/Croatia. In February (23 to 26 February), a delegation of Belgian exporters and auctions will be canvassing in some cities in northern Italy, and from 23 to 26 March, they will head for Serbia and Croatia. VLAM is organising small-scale contact opportunities there between the Belgian exporters and local purchasers. A delegation from the LAVA auctions itself will be going prospecting for shops and early markets: they will be finding out what the situation is with regard to supplies of fruit, vegetables and potatoes, what Flandria products are in the shops, what the packaging is like, and so on. These missions can help the auctions to develop a more targeted approach to sales and packaging for these regions.

Market exploration outside Europe with 'Taste of Europe'
Via the European campaign 'Taste of Europe', VLAM is attending shows this year in Canada, the United States, Russia, Japan, China (via Hong Kong) and the United Arab Emirates. This third-country campaign is focused on the one hand on expanding/improving the image of fresh fruit and vegetables from Europe/Belgium, and on the other, on boosting exports to third countries. VLAM will be running a group stand shortly at Foodex Tokyo from 3 to 6 March.

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