Innovative packaging for Flandria leeks

REO Auction is constantly investing in building a strong profile for the Flandria label. When it comes to leeks, this has to continue to be THE benchmark in the domestic and foreign markets. From now on, an innovative Flandria box must offer buyers and exporters a product guarantee.

Flandria is THE benchmark in the South
The province of West Flanders remains the most important region in Europe for leek production. Demand from markets abroad is definitely on the increase. “The South has become an important customer for Flandria leeks. In Spain, in particular, our marketing is going well. Flandria leeks are THE benchmark there for top-quality leeks”, reports Dominiek Keersebilck, commercial director at the REO Auction.

Protecting the label
The REO Auction strives constantly to ensure that the growers' efforts to supply a perfect product - Flandria specifications, strict inspection systems - are validated. “We want to protect the label when selling on foreign markets, in order to guarantee reliability for our customers”, explains the commercial director. “Buyers and exporters expect, quite rightly, that they will get the same quality product as they have bought at auction. This new packaging is exactly the right 'tool' to ensure this.”

Product guarantee
At Fruit Logistica in Berlin, the REO Auction unveiled its new packaging. The innovative Flandria box now offers customers and exporters a guarantee that what is inside really is Flandria quality. “The Flandria logo is clearly visible on an insert box in the cardboard boxes. When the contents are unpacked from the box, the insert box disappears and so also does the Flandria logo on the outer packaging”, explains Dominiek Keersebilck. “This gives our buyers the certainty that when they have bought Flandria leeks, they are also actually getting Flandria leeks. We are committed to supporting this premium product for our auction”, is Dominiek Keersebilck's resolute intention. “That, combined with guarantees for the buyers, gives us the right tools to keep Flandria as THE benchmark for quality leeks in the market.”


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