Flandria tomatoes and specialties available all year round

Surprise your customers in the festive period with locally grown tomatoes! They have all sorts of benefits: they are freshly grown here at home, the quality is second to none, they are bursting with flavour and there are ample supplies available. Use Belgian specialties on the shop floor to tap into the trend for healthy snacking with vegetables. During the festive season and in the winter, plenty of supplies are available.

Great selling points for the retail sector
The increasing demand for premium-quality tomatoes in the winter months has led in recent years to substantial growth in the area cultivated under lamps. The LAVA auctions sell segments and specialties with Flandria quality all year round: fresh daily harvest, homogeneous colour, surprisingly full flavour, good keeping properties and sustainably grown. A varied range on offer gives the retail sector a lot of great selling points which enable them to achieve good sales even in the winter. Buyers who opt for better quality also opt for Flandria tomatoes in the winter.

Volumes and availability
Crops grown under lamps get fully into their stride in December. During the winter months, stable production and consistent availability are expected. Packaging options and small packs are also available, depending on the (end) customer's wishes. Products are prepared to each customer's specifications.

The standard segments (Prince, Baron, Princess and Elite) are marketed via clock sales, pre-sales and clock intermediation by LAVA. Specialties are mainly sold via intermediation sales. Certain segments are also offered for sale every day via clock sales.

Flandria boxes have a makeover
After Elite got its new look in the spring, it will be the turn of the other tomato segments (Baron, Prince, Princess, etc.) in 2016. Stylish red and black matches the product very nicely. The innovation is that the name of the segment is marked conspicuously on the packaging. The uniformity of the new boxes ensures better recognition of Belgian products in the greengrocery section.

'New harvest' indication
To cover the 'fresh harvest', the Flandria boxes carry a striking green 'new harvest' sticker. EPS-T crate cards and interleaves/inlay sheets are now marked 'new harvest'. Tell your customers that these products are harvested in Belgium, even in the winter months.

Available from BelOrta

Production under lamps accounts for 36 hectares, a sharp increase over last season. BelOrta offers as many as 9 segments this winter: Prince, Princess, Elite, Baron, Prunella, Ministar, San Marzano, Papritom and Cherrystar. BelOrta also supplies large quantities of 'fresh harvest' on the clock and via intermediation.

Elite: the classic, most elegant cluster tomato, deep red colour, delicious flavour, good keeping properties and attractive cluster presentation.
Princess: a slightly bigger cluster tomato with firm red fruits, consistent quality, very long shelf-life and strong green parts. Exceptionally well suited for export.
Prince: loose with shiny, deep red colour, perfect flavour and shape. Attractive presentation and firm flesh.
Baron: the classic beefsteak tomato, grown under lamps for the first time.

Festive range of specialties
Cherrystar, Ministar and snack tomatoes (all possible colours) are handsome products for festive occasions with very good keeping properties, harvested by colour and fresh each day.
BelOrta Ministar: (cherry cluster tomato), cocktail tomato with an outstanding flavour and sweet after-taste, attractive presentation and deep red colour.
Packaging options: loose 4 kg EPS-T or box; 6/7 kg in euro-L; 500 g in pot.
BelOrta Vit-a-tom: proper snack tomatoes, with a high brix value and sweet/sour ratio.
Packaging options: loose 3/4 kg EPS-T or box; shakers 250 g or 500 g; tray 250/300 g.
BelOrta Cherrystar: healthy, tasty snack, decorative as a garnish.
Packaging options: loose 3 kg EPS-T; box or crate; trays 200/250 g; pot 500 g.
BelOrta San Marzano: the tomato of choice for hot dishes. Gives every recipe a deep, dark red colour. Outstanding keeping properties.
BelOrta Papritom: very handsome, tasty, red, pepper-shaped cluster tomato with good keeping properties, thanks to its strong green parts.

Hoogstraten Auction experiences strong growth in cultivation under lamps

Hoogstraten Auction is seeing even more segments and specialties making their debut under lamps. The largest surface is growing the segment Princess (13 hectares). In addition, Ministar (5 hectares) and Cherrystar (3.2 hectares) are now also accounting for sizeable quantities in segments which have been a fixture for several years.

Available segments
Coeur de Boeuf: the classic beefsteak tomato.
Prince, Elite and Baron: Hoogstraten has these tomatoes grown under lamps for the first time.
Princess: biggest area under lamps (13 hectares).

Fixtures among the specialties
Ministar (Brioso): a familiar cocktail cluster tomato
Cherrystar (Juanita): healthy, tasty snack, decorative as a garnish
Miss Perfect (Axiany variety): the honey tomato family
Kubello (Vacetto variety): square-shouldered mini cluster tomato

Early snack tomatoes under lamps
 Bellino (Sweetelle variety)
• Romastar: brand new; plum cluster tomato, Romanella variety
• Romared (Prunus variety)
• San Marzano (Portento variety)

REO 'New harvest'

REO Auction is also seeing an increase in the area growing crops under lamps, both the classic segments and the specialties. REO sells 'new harvest' tomatoes under the Tomabel label via clock sales, intermediation, weekly and seasonal contracts.

Available classic segments:
 Tomabel beefsteak tomatoes (Rebelski): 1.8 hectares
• Tomabel cluster tomatoes (Plaisance/Diamantino/Sevance): 3 hectares
• Tomabel loose tomatoes (Kanavaro/Polanca): 3.5 hectares
• Tomabel cluster cherry (Philovita): 0.8 hectares

 Ministar (Brioso) cherry cluster tomato: 1.1 hectares
• Mini San Marzano (Dunne): ideal for hot dishes: 0.2 hectares

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