Flandria sprouts are a 'super' winter vegetable

The sprout season is now at its peak, and ample supplies are expected in the coming weeks. This is a good time for promotional campaigns in store! There are lots of hand-cleaned sprouts available, which are an attractive product in the festive period.

Fresh every day
Sprouts, a typical winter vegetable, are grown one hundred per cent outdoors. The favourable conditions during the growing season, coupled with mild temperatures in November, have ensured excellent quality. The sprouts are harvested all through the winter, so buyers can always rely on fresh products. As well as sales on the clock, contract agreements are also possible.
The trade can expect full-flavoured sprouts with good keeping properties and Flandria quality:
• firm, closed structure
• fresh, green colour
• perfect presentation
• cleaned by hand or by machine
• smooth cut surface
• no physiological defects

An attractive product for the festive period
In the period before and after the holidays, the LAVA auctions are expecting some 200,000 kg/week. Production is guaranteed until mid-March (unless there is a severe frost).
There is a choice between products cleaned by machine and products cleaned by hand. The latter seems to fit the bill for both the retail side and the consumer. The LAVA auctions have sufficient quantities available. Hand-cleaned sprouts just fly off the shelves. This ready-to-eat product enables customers to whip up a tasty meal in a trice. This is an added selling point.

Small packs available to order
The most important grades are <35 (25-35 mm) and especially +33 (33-43 mm). On request, REO Auction can offer a medium grade for +30 (30-42 mm).
The standard way the sprouts are supplied is loose in 4 or 5 kg EPS-T with Flandria cover sheet and Flandria crate card. Other quantities can be supplied to order (e.g. 15 kg in EPS lettuce crate, etc.).
The commercial departments of the LAVA auctions respond flexibly to the buyers' requests for small packs to order, for example:
• 500 g covered pots with barcode sticker
• in nets, plastic bags, flowpack 500 g, 750 g and 1 kg

Presentation and storage
Flandria packs are specially developed to lock in freshness and quality.
• Present them in the greengrocery department/during storage in the original packaging.
• The ideal overnight temperature is 0-1° C.
• Cover to prevent drying out.
• Never store with products which give off ethylene, such as tomatoes, apples, bananas or citrus fruits.

Bundles of pure health
Sprouts are the perfect way to make up for shortages of vitamins in food in the winter months. They are crammed with vitamin C. In addition, they also contains lots of vitamin A/B and fibre (4.2 g). They come in at just 28 kcal/100 g. They are a proper winter vegetable, delicious in a vegetable stew.

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