Festive greengrocery department with lamb's lettuce

Lamb's lettuce is available all year round and the trade can rely on ample supplies in the coming weeks. Its fresh appearance and long shelf life make Flandria lamb's lettuce suitable for any festive table. The premium quality ensures an attractive appearance in the end-of-year greengrocery department.

Short- and long-leaved
Lamb's lettuce is mainly grown under glass, but some is also grown outdoors. The area under cultivation remains pretty stable, but supplies can fluctuate somewhat depending on the winter weather.
Flandria lamb's lettuce is graded by leaf length and cultivation method:
o long-leaved: max. 16 cm
o short-leaved: long (max 13 cm), short (max. 10 cm), very short (max. 7 cm)
The LAVA auctions mostly sell short-leaved lamb's lettuce. The 'rosette' type is placed with the leaves neatly facing upwards in the crate. This product is popular on the Belgian market and in our neighbouring countries, thanks to its firmness and exceptionally good keeping properties. In weeks 1 to 5, the trade can expect supplies of 30,000 kg/week.

Product monitoring
Lamb's lettuce is only allowed to be sold under the Flandria quality label after rigorous cultivation and quality controls. It is subject to specifications which place strict requirements in terms of hygiene, environmentally friendly cultivation methods and sustainability. Extra attention is paid to food safety, care for the environment and care for workers: in short, everything that the Belgian sustainability label 'Responsibly Fresh' stands for.
Flandria quality is based on the LAVA product specifications:
• fresh appearance
• dark green (short type) or green (long type) in colour
• well-developed leaves in a rosette shape
• free of damage or yellow leaves

Pre-harvest and auction controls
Lamb's lettuce, like all greenhouse vegetables, undergoes pre-harvest controls on the farm. At the auction, an inspector monitors the supplies and makes any necessary adjustments. To ensure optimum quality retention, Flandria lamb's lettuce is pre-cooled after delivery to between 0 °C and 5 °C at a high humidity. This means that the trade is always sure that they are buying a high-quality, safe product.

Loose and prepacked
The majority is sold on the clock (standard EPS-T 1 kg loose) in block sale/simultaneous sale. By arrangement, it is also possible to buy 4 kg loose in EPS-H.
Weekly or yearly contracts for packed lamb's lettuce are also possible. Lamb's lettuce bought on the clock in standard packaging can be delivered in boxes, green collapsible crates, ifco, etc. By arrangement, small pots can also be supplied: 100, 125 or 150 g (loose/to order).

Fresh garnish
Give your customers some inspiration for festive garnishes with the crisp, green leaves. Advise them to use the product straight away to make sure the fine flavour is at its best. It can also be stored for a short time in the fridge.

Healthy winter resistance
This vegetable may look unassuming, but it actually contains heaps of omega-3 fatty acids. Lamb's lettuce also contains lots of vitamin C, iron and carotene. Advise customers to be sure to eat lamb's lettuce regularly.

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