The autumn show schedule is already looking packed for VLAM

The next few months are set to be busy with shows: Moscow, Madrid, the United States and Dubai are on the programme. World Food Moscow, PMA and WOP Dubai fit into a European programme under the slogan 'Taste of Europe', with some handsome products resplendent in Flandria packaging included in the presentations.

The search for new export potential
VLAM is constantly committed to promoting our Belgian products within and beyond Europe, and is once again taking part in shows with loads of potential for our exporters. Our exporters are involved in the European campaign 'Taste of Europe' appearing at shows in Russia, the US and the United Arab Emirates. This 'third-country' campaign focuses on expanding/improving the image of fresh fruit and vegetables from Europe/Belgium. Taking part in these shows should help exporters to develop new markets in the short to medium term.
“There is less of a focus on Flandria here, although there will be some products in Flandria packaging on view during the product presentations”, explains Thaïs Mees, Assistant Product Manager fruits & vegetables.

World Food Moscow 
World Food Moscow (12 to 15 September) sees VLAM starting a busy autumn show round. This general food show is THE big event for the trade with eastern Europe. Despite the embargo, VLAM is continuing to focus on Russia. VLAM is sharing a group stand with seven or so exporters. The intention is to keep our contacts with Russian customers on the back burner. Because of the Russian import ban, there are no product presentations.

Fruit Attraction Madrid
At Fruit Attraction Madrid, from 5 to 7 October, VLAM and six exporters will have a group stand. There will be a wide selection of (Flandria) fruit and vegetables on display, including leeks, lettuces, various types of tomatoes, fruiting vegetables, celeriac, white cabbage, red cabbage, chicory, radicchio rosso and hard fruit, in the form of various varieties of apples and pears.
“The VLAM stand has a sleek contemporary look with blue and green as the basic colour scheme and the stylised Flemish lion illustrating the link with Flanders”, explains Thaïs Mees. “Screens will be showing Flandria producers in the style of The Fresh Family. Stand 7803 in Hall 7 is where we will be showcasing a choice selection of products, with Flandria and Flandria Specialty Street firmly in the spotlight. Advertisements in the style of The Fresh Family in the trade press (Eurofruit and Primeur) will be publicising our attendance.”

Fresh Summit
PMA will be held from 14 to 16 October 2016, this year in Orlando, USA. In the style of 'Taste of Europe', Belgian products such as chicory, radicchio rosso, peppers, cucumbers and fennel will be in the spotlight.

World of Perishables (WOP) Dubai
From 13 to 15 November 2016, WOP Dubai is on the calendar. The stand will display various types of tomatoes, leeks, aubergine, cucumber, chicory, peppers and hard fruit.

Source : VLAM

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