More diversification with vegetable snacks

Sales of convenience foods are rising steadily. Handy small servings are also doing well in the fruit, vegetable and potato market. This spring, BelOrta is rolling out its 'vegetable snacks' in lovely packs. These will help supermarkets and shopkeepers to diversify more when it comes to their greengrocery shelves.

New requirements
The European fruit, vegetable and potato market is focusing more and more on social concerns about 'healthy eating', whether or not in combination with convenience. There is definitely more interest in healthy snacking in various consumer groups. Small servings are fashionable in the growing group of singles and small families. Innovative products also cater for the needs of consumers with a busy work and home life and lots of leisure activities: these people very often simply don't have the time to cook elaborate meals.

Cauliflower florets, celery sticks, Chicoleaves
Ready-to-use servings are more and more popular, and a group of consumers are willing to pay more for mini-vegetables and pre-cut products. In response to this trend, BelOrta is now supplying healthy snack vegetables that can be enjoyed on the run, in the car, or after just minimal preparation. Supermarkets and shopkeepers can expand their ranges to incorporate these new products.
Cauliflower and broccoli are getting a new lease of life: the whole vegetable is being sold as pre-cut florets. Celery is being pre-cut, peeled and packed in the form of celery sticks. Customers can now buy Chicoleaves, bags of loose leaves of mini-chicory, ready to use. All these are attractive products for Belgian retailers and for consumers who do their shopping on a daily basis and want to be able to serve up a quick meal.

Duo peppers
BelOrta is adding a new small pack to the range of peppers, alongside the traditional 'traffic light' packs. Duo peppers contain one red and one yellow pepper, in a handy two-pack. The peppers are matched for size to give an attractive, uniform presentation in the greengrocery section. This means that retailers and specialist shops can diversify their greengrocery shelves even more.

Attractive packaging
The vegetable snacks are marketed in a host of attractive packs including trays, bags and shakers. And buyers can also choose their own weight: 250 g, 350 g, etc. by agreement with the commercial services at the auctions.

Reducing food waste
The ready-to-use products come in small servings as healthy snacks or the perfect size to be used up completely in one recipe. The big advantage is less food waste; smaller servings mean that nothing gets thrown away. This is an important selling point in a society that is actively committed to reducing food waste.


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