(Wit)'Loofje' entrances the children

Chicory? Children often turn their noses up at it. That's why VLAM is seeking to change things with the help of Loofje, a new chicory hero. A fun campaign shows that this modern vegetable fits in brilliantly with the eating culture of families with children.

Loads of potential
The pride of Flanders is still little known to children, or perhaps they don't like it because it is bitter. Yet chicory is a versatile vegetable with loads of potential, including for kids. A fun promotional campaign presents chicory as a modern vegetable which offers lots of variety in the kitchen, and one that fits in with the eating culture of families with children. A new chicory hero, Loofje, is inviting children and their parents to try chicory. Trendy and accessible ideas and recipes are available to help them on their way.

Colour cookery book
The task is to find a playful way to get children eating chicory. One fun tool in this effort is Loofje's 'Lekker kleuren en koken met Loofje', a colour cookery book in a new visual style. Child-friendly recipes and great colour plates encourage kids to take their colour cookery book into the kitchen and get stuck in, as well as doing some colouring.

The chicory truck conquers Flanders
“The 'Lekker kleuren en koken met Loofje' colouring book was distributed during the Easter holidays by the new chicory hero. Loofje took the 'chicory truck' to five attractions that are popular with children”, explains Thaïs Mees, Assistant Product Manager fruits & vegetables. “Children could sample 'pizza with love' in places including Plopsa Indoor Hasselt, the Antwerp Zoo and some K3 shows in Ostend. The colouring book was also sent out to some blogging mums, with good results. We can look back on a successful action”, says Thaïs Mees.

At the same time, the campaign is being conducted via social media. For example, there are some fun posts with a link to witloofvanbijons.be. This new website offers a rich array of tasty recipes using chicory, and provides inspiration for cooks both young and old. The cookery ideas make it as easy as falling off a log for parents to get their little darlings to eat chicory. Parents get some interesting tips, such as giving chicory dishes attractive names, shopping together for the vegetables and then cooking them together, serving smaller portions to children, etc.

Online in the autumn
“We have deliberately decided, along with the sector, to launch the campaign in the spring, in order to do away with the persistent preconception of chicory as a winter vegetable. Chicory is actually a vegetable for all seasons”, explains Thaïs Mees. “In the autumn, the online campaign will be rolled out as a follow-up. More new recipes are being developed, which will be promoted via witloofvanbijons.be and Facebook.”

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