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Belgian exporters explore the Balkan region
After the contact days in northern Italy, VLAM is pressing on with its export campaigns. With Zagreb and Belgrade in their sights, VLAM set off for the Balkans at the end of March with a Belgian delegation of eight exporters and three auctions. Alongside visits to the local early market, supermarket visits are also instructive in getting to know the local market. Significant differences in the quality and presentation of fresh products were identified between the various retailers.
The trade negotiations in both countries were a success. There was a great turnout of both importers and retailers. In Croatia and Serbia, the delegation was invited to the ambassador's residence, which made for ideal networking opportunities. In Serbia, the Belgian delegation was also able to get to know the Chamber of Commerce and the Plant Health Service. The market offers further possibilities for new players.

6 and 7 May: European Vegetable Strategies
The main theme of the European Vegetable Strategy in 2015 is to stimulate demand for fresh vegetables in order to help the sector to expand. At the thematic days in Brussels on 6 and 7 May, the speakers will address the most important trends in the European consumer market for fresh vegetables, and put forward some new marketing strategies. Several issues will be at the forefront: What steps does the fresh vegetables sector need to take to raise its profile? How can fresh vegetables profit from the trend towards healthier eating? Which categories help the growth of fresh vegetable sales?
The European Vegetable Strategies days are organised by fresh vegetable selling magazines, Eurofruit, Fruchthandel and the fresh products journal.
Flandria is one of the joint sponsors.

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Sunday 10 May, Strawberry Day
On Sunday 10 May 2015, young and old alike can come and enjoy delicious strawberries at the Provincial Small Fruit Experimental Centre in Pamel during the 60th 'Strawberry Day'. For the 60th time, strawberry growers are displaying the very finest examples of this wonderful red fruit to thousands of foodies in the course of a day filled with entertainments, sampling sessions, demonstrations and tours. At the 60th National Strawberry Show, growers will be showcasing their very finest strawberries. A jury will inspect the strawberries for colour, thickness, shape, health and presentation. You can visit farms to learn more about how strawberries are grown. There are tours of the organic test fields growing strawberries and other small fruit. The Province of Flemish Brabant's information stand will have brochures about strawberries, farm sales, bees, chicory and more. There will also be children's entertainment and even a strawberry clown. Everyone is welcome on Sunday 10 May from 10.00 to 18.00 at the Experimental Centre in Pamel!

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