Legumes are the seeds of a plant that lie in a protective sheath (the pod). Sometimes we eat the pod as well as the seeds!

French beans

French beans are long, flat pods of a light green colour. They are usually served warm. If you want to eat them cold, you still have to cook them first. If you cut them into long, fine slices, they taste great with spaghetti! French beans are very healthy because of all the fibre and vitamins that they contain.


Peas and carrots are the vegetables that children like best. They are in fact very often eaten together. With peas, you first need to remove them from the pod - to 'pod' them, in fact. Peas have been popular for a very long time, in fact they have been grown for 8000 years!


There are countless kinds of beans. The most familiar are green beans and broad beans. You cannot eat beans raw, not just because it tastes funny but also because it is dangerous! The toxins that they contain are destroyed by cooking. And beans are full of nutrition: protein, vitamins A and C, calcium and phosphorus. They are very good for you!

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