Leaf greens

Leaf greens come from plants with well-developed leaves.


There are lots of kinds of lettuces. Perhaps the best-known is the cabbage lettuce, but there are also red and green leaves, iceberg, oak leaf, lamb's lettuce and so on. Enough variety for a colourful and vitamin-rich menu! Make sure that the lettuce is fresh, with no wilted leaves. Store it in the fridge (for no more than a couple of days).


Does spinach really make children as strong as Popeye? It really does contain iron, but not enough to give you bulging muscles. Parsley, lamb's lettuce, garden cress and such things contain far more iron. Nevertheless, spinach is a very healthy vegetable because it contains a substance that is converted into vitamin A in the body. This is good for the eyes and skin.


Chicory, or Belgian endive, so-called because it was first grown in Brussels, grows in the dark on a root. Chicory also needs to be further stored in a dark place, because if they are exposed to the light, the yellow parts turn green. There is also a type of red chicory, known as 'roodloof'.
The process of growing chicory is as follows: first, the chicory crop is dug up in the spring. The roots are harvested. They are cut off and then as the second step, they are placed either in water (hydroponics) or in the soil (soil culture). The chicory crop then grows from these roots.

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