Pomes (fruit with pips)

These are fruits whose seeds are contained in a little membrane. The seeds sit in a core.


Apples are perhaps the best-known fruits in the world. We might think of the apple in the Garden of Eden or the apple that fell on Newton's head and brought the laws of gravity home to him. But apples are more than that, they are also a healthy snack food that helps to reduce heart and vascular disease. That's why the old saying runs, 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away'. For these fruits contain high levels of fibres, vitamin C, phosphorus, iron and natural sugars. In Belgium alone, we are familiar with all sorts of different kinds of apples: Jonagold, Jonagored, Elstar, Golden Delicious, Boskoop, Cox's Orange Pippin and so on. They are delicious and available all year round because they lend themselves well to being cooled and stored.


Belgium also grows all manner of types of pears: Conference, Doyenné du Comice, Beurré Hardy, Triomphe de Vienne, Durondeau etc. As long ago as Roman times, 30 types of pears were known! When pears ripen, they get softer. But perhaps you prefer them when they are still a bit hard? Whatever: these fruits lend themselves to all kinds of tasty recipes. Pears also make a very good snack food.

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