Sales: supplying classified produce

The LAVA auctions provide their customers with a mix of different sales systems.

Day-by-day selling

The most important system to sell the produce supplied on a day-by-day basis is the auction clock. The produce supplied is classified (blocked) according to standards of equal quality, packaging and method of cultivation, and is then presented to be sold through the electronic sales system.

Simultaneous sales

The various producer organisations are connected with each other through a sophisticated computer network. This means that customers located in one LAVA auction can buy products located in another LAVA auction. In this way the supplied offer is concentrated.

Internet auction

Buyers who physically cannot attend the auction at the producer organisations can always use the internet version of the day-by-day sales system. More information can be found on (in Dutch)

Forward sales

To cope with the fluctuating prices as a result of the day-by-day sales, a system of forward sales is put in place. 30% of the expected produce can be sold using fixed prices. Within this system, the number of packaging units of a certain product, the price and period of delivery are fixed in advance.

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