Quality: a priority for Flandria

Top quality is the most important property of products produced, delivered and sold under the Flandria label. Within LAVA, the quality departement is responsible for the control of the high standards concerning quality. What is important is that the term 'quality' covers the intrinsic and external properties. To achieve the top quality of the produce, the quality department performs different tasks:

Management of the Flandria guidelines for production and quality

Consultations with the quality managers of the various producer organisations have led to the development of the Flandria guidelines and normative documents. These normative documents describe everything concerning the method of cultivation, conditioning, grading and sorting and packaging of the produce delivered under the Flandria label. The control of the intrinsic properties (like taste and firmness) is supplemented with the control of the external quality parameters by external and accredited control bodies. The result of these severe quality controles is the top quality of the fruit and vegetables under the Flandria quality label. 

Guarding the uniform quality standards throughout the different producer organisations

To preserve the high quality standards throughout the different producer organisations, and to be able to guarantee the uniform quality across the different production regions to the buyers, conservation testing, taste panels and quality comparison work are performed on a regular basis.

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