LAVA is active in various domains

As an umbrella organisation of the 5 most important fruit and vegetable producer organisations within Belgium, LAVA is active in 4 different domains. LAVA supports the producer organisations at the level of sales of Belgian fruit and vegetables, quality control and management of the Flandria quality and production guidelines, co-ordination of scientific research, and the marketing of the Flandria quality label for fruit and vegetables, in close collaboration with VBT and VLAM.

The days when the fruit and vegetable producers used to supply their produce to the auction to be presented by possible buyers are long gone. Nowadays, a mix of possible sale systems is used by the LAVA auctions to sell the produce supplied to the buyers. More explanations can be found under "Sales".

To guarantee the uniform quality of products supplied through the different producer organisations, a co-ordination task is performed by the departement of quality: management of the normative guidelines and supervisory quality control are examples of the objectives of this department. More can be read under "Quality".

The fruit and vegetable sector is a never-ending story of research and development. To streamline the efforts within this domain, LAVA collaborates with various universities and research stations to provide the producers with the latest information about the state of the art scientific research. More can be found under "Research".

Founded in 1995, the quality label for fruit and vegetables has grown to become known by 79% of the most important persons for purchases. Although the communication about Flandria concentrated on the auction customers in the early years (distributors and wholesalers), LAVA's focus since 2001 has shifted towards the consumer... In supermarkets, on television... Read more about this subject under "Marketing".

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